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Pathogen: Influenza A virus

[image:Influenza virus particle color.jpg]

Name: Influenza A virus
Pathogen type: Virus
Description: Influenza virus type A
Lineage: ssRNA viruses » ssRNA negative-strand viruses » Orthomyxoviridae » Influenzavirus A » Influenza A virus
Distribution: global
Chromosomes: genome - 8 single RNA strands
GC content: 43.85
Genes: 8 RNA segments
Proteins: 11
Baltimore classification: V. Single-stranded (-) sense RNA
Nucleic acid type: RNA
Shape: Segmented
Strandedness: Single-stranded
Sense: Negative sense (-)
Reverse transcribing: false
Antigenic variation: Antigenic drift and periodic antigenic shift; viral RNA polymerase lacks editing; reassortment of genome segments
Pathway: map05164

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