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Create a user account

All features can be used without creating an account, but to save your search history and workspaces for later visits, a username and password can be easily created. To create a user account, click the "New account" link at the top right of each page.

Report an error or comment

Click on the Contact Us link in the navigation panel on the left side of the page and fill out an error report or submit a comment.

Use Blast to find similar sequences

To find similar sequences in the varDB database, click the "Blast" link in the left panel. Enter a query sequence in FASTA or bare sequence format, optionally change the BLAST parameters, and click Submit.

Download sequences in FASTA formats

To download sequences in FASTA format from a search or from a Sequences table, click the "Download" menu item in the table and select "Sequences". If any checkboxes are selected, then only the selected sequences will be downloaded, but if nothing is selected, then all sequences matching that view will be downloaded (may be a large number). Confirm and select whether you want to download protein sequences or DNA sequences and whether you want to send them to the screen or to a file. Finally click Download.

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